Who do Bray Solutions work with?
Steve Mills
June 14, 2024

Taking a look at the Bray Solutions Clients

We’re proud to work with such a wide variety of clients specialising in many different sectors.

Children’s prams & car seats, large outdoor furniture and garden accessories, coffee products and dog food are just some of the products that pass through our warehouse.

We hold BRC Storage & Distribution certification, which means we can work alongside clients in the food and beverage sector; this, of course, broadens our catalogue of the different clients we can attract. – Kyle Arberry

A company’s primary aim is to build and expand its business, and at Bray Solutions, we want to help with that as much as we can.

How much space do you have to store products?

Storage and workspace is not a problem here as we currently occupy 150,000sqft, with the opportunity to expand as our group availability is more than 1,000,000sqft.

How are goods despatched?

As we work with such a variety of clients with different goods, we must make sure we can despatch their products through various channels. The vast majority of our clients despatch their goods D2C (Direct to customer) and use day to day couriers such as Royal Mail for smaller items and DPD for larger ones.

Our customers sell their goods through various platforms, whether through their main website or online retailers like Amazon and Shopify.

Thanks to our brand-new Warehouse Management system, we can link to various platforms such as Shopify, meaning when an order is placed, it’s sent straight through to our system for the team to process.

We hope to grow alongside each of our clients, which means the increase of the storage capacity. – Kyle Arberry

We can also link to eBay, Etsy, Blu Jay and Wowcher, to name a few. Not all of the products we store at Bray Solutions can be despatched via the day-to-day couriers as they are much larger and will require a palletised delivery. Luckily, we are situated in the middle of 3 local hauliers which assist with this task.

With products purchased through larger retailers such as Amazon and TK Maxx, we need to deliver goods B2B (Business to Business). This is where our dedicated Distribution Centre team get involved.

B2B orders follow strict guidelines to make sure they are accepted at their goods in. For example, each individual box requires its own label and the correct labels on the finished pallet. Any mislabelling error could result in the pallets being returned and fines being issued. Therefore, the team follow this strict process to ensure our client’s goods are delivered without any problems. We also have to make sure the goods are picked, packed and despatched to meet the booking in time slots given to us by the retailer.

How can Bray Solutions help you?

If you need help with your stock storage and distribution, talk to the team today. We’re happy to discuss any requirements you may have.

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