Flexible 3PL at Bray
Dale Sharpe
June 14, 2024

Clients come to use because they need flexibility and scalability to manage their operation. As a 3PL company, enabling your client to grow is good for both parties, and we’ve laid out some reasons below.


When a client first comes to us, they don’t know for certain the number of orders next month, next year or in five years time. They could bring out a new product line, or have an influx of orders. Being able to provide flexible, clear solutions from the outset means that a client will work with you for longer.

Having all the parts of your supply chain constant means that working patterns can be developed, you become a valued part of their team and can work with them closely to help improve processes. It also provides your team with valuable product knowledge to be able to handle picking and packing with ease.

As an independent business, we have a vested, genuine interest in all of our client’s success, as they grow we get to see them grow and are proud to support that. Providing clients with crystal clear growth plans throughout their journey shows trust and inspires confidence in them.


From the conception of Bray, we have long strived to be environmental and ethical in our processes. Promoting flexibility helps to improve our environmental benefits. The Bray warehouse is surrounded by ancient woodland, meaning we are surrounded by nature. When the weather is nice, we encourage staff to sit outside and provide seating areas to do so.

Being surrounded by so much nature inspires us to do better. We’re working towards ISO 14001 and are furthering our commitment to sustainability.

So, how does flexibility tie into this? Well, because of our ability to work on a pallet by pallet basis we are able to be highly efficient in our transport and storage. Our system, Khaos Control, allows us to work paperless as far as possible but also assists in the flexible nature of the work we do.  Having a fast, responsive system allows us to scale up your storage on a pallet by pallet basis with little fuss. High tech systems that are based online assist in the environmental aspect.


If you’re looking for a flexible, scalable 3PL company, speak to our team today to find out how we can help.

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