What Actually Goes in to Providing 3PL Services to Businesses
Steve Mills
June 14, 2024

3PL services include warehouse tasks such as picking and packing, inventory forecasting, order fulfilment, packaging, transportation and freight forwarding.

3PL services work well for e-commerce businesses, where small management operations have access to more extensive storage and dispatch operations, controlled remotely. A 3PL provider, like Bray Solutions, can take care of the entire process. The global 3PL market is estimated to reach a whopping USD 1.3 trillion by 2024. (*)

91% of 3PL users and 97% of 3PL providers report their relationships are successful, and their work has positive results. (*) 

From the dispatch, order processing and keeping control of stock, a 3PL provider can offer each service with client ease in mind. Including extras such as:

  • Unloading pallets and containers
  • Sorting, picking and packing orders
  • Handling all of your dispatches


  • Goods in: It all begins with getting the products in. We can receive shipments in any format – cartons, pallets or containers.
  • Stock management: We will organise stock, including checking products, palletising if necessary, and store them  securely using our Warehouse Management System (WMS).
  • Process orders: Orders received via multi-channel systems are processed by the sales team, and sent to the relevant warehouse, where a Wi-Fi scanner will pick it.
  • Packing and dispatch: Your orders are professionally packed and dispatched to the agreed timescales using our logistics partners, worldwide.
  • Full reporting – Stock is in our control. We will provide you with reports to manage your business.
  • Aftercare – Our customer service teams are there for you while supporting your customers too. They will answer any customer queries or complaints, so you don’t have to.


As we mentioned in our previous blog, ‘Why you Should Visit your 3PL Company’, we expressed the importance of visiting a warehouse before signing on the dotted line. When searching for a 3PL company to handle your goods, it’s essential to consider what they can offer you. Visiting a potential warehouse is crucial in making the right decision for your business.


A warehouse should have the space to expand with your business. Do they offer a bulk store or racked seasonal and over spilled storage? The amount of warehouse space you have is vital to consider when it comes to expanding your business further. The more successful your business is, the more likely you will require extra warehouse space for the additional products.


A 3PL provider needs to have the ability to accommodate warehouse growth. Can the warehouse receive your goods in any format? Either single cartons, pallets or container? Do they have the latest WMS to be able to do so? A warehouse needs to be able to grow with the success of your business.


Flexible and cost-effective warehouse storage options on both a long and short-term basis should be available to your business. With outsourcing, you know that the work is managed for you regardless of any building or staff issues. Customer services, picking and packing, shipping and everything in between will be provided for one fixed price, and you get the expertise as part of the agreement.


With GDPR and cyber security coming to light in recent years, you have to wonder, does your 3PL provider offer modern warehouse facilities with the latest security systems and safety features? You should have faith that your goods and data are well taken care of in addition to 24hrs a day monitoring.

Paperless document storage is an ideal way to store and keep backups of relevant documents securely throughout the 3PL process. As well as reducing paper use, having important data stored in the cloud means the ability to let warehouses share documents with not only employees but also customers.


Running successful operations requires support, whether that be an electronic system or tools like tablets and handheld devices for better asset management. With the very latest IT Systems, a warehouse should be able to promise full management reports to keep track of goods, orders, and deliveries to help evaluate your business. By using a 3PL provider such as ourselves, companies can avoid a lot of asset management issues.


How will the warehouse distribute your product? When your business is taking the next step and services are expanding, or the product base is growing, working with 3PL services will help your business stay on track during growth.

Business goals change as time goes on, and your business will hopefully expand and grow. With success, comes with providing excellent service, and you must ensure that your haulage company can keep up with the times. Their level of service has to match with yours to run smoothly; otherwise, they can let the side down.

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