Focus Of The Month – Warehouse Operations
Dale Sharpe
June 14, 2024

Who are our Warehouse Operations Team?

Warehousing is the storage of goods until they are requested to be distributed by the customer. The goal of warehouse operations is to satisfy customers’ needs and requirements while utilizing space, equipment, and labour effectively. The goods must be accessible, protected, picked and packed in the individual customers’ requirements.

Our warehouse teams here at Bray Solutions are made up of:

  • Head of Operations,
  • Operations Manager,
  • 2 Warehouse Managers,
  • Senior Warehouse Operatives and Warehouse Operatives who are flexed up and down due to demand and seasonal fluctuation.

Between them, they run the day to day business of the warehouse and specifically their sections and customer contracts.


Our Operations team pick the orders for our ecommerce customers and pick on average 800 orders per day and exceeding this by up to 3000 on bank holidays.

We use scanners to pick our orders which are linked to our warehouse management system. To do this an order comes down to the warehouse from our order processing team. The barcode, which is bespoke to each order, is scanned by the warehouse operatives with the handheld scanner. Using a system-generated location, the warehouse operative is then sent to the item location. We use system-generated locations to accurately locate the correct item, keeping our 99.98% pick accuracy rate.

Once at the location they are required to scan the location barcode to ensure they are picking from the right location and then scan the item barcode to again ensure the current item is being picked. After all the items on the order are picked, they are taken to the pack station.


When an order is received at the pack station it is checked by the ‘checkers.’ This is an extra precaution to ensure accuracy is at the forefront.

Once this is checked and confirmed they pass it onto the packing team who pack the order following the customer’s specific guidelines. Each customer has their own requirements and specifications of how they want their orders packed including having their own branded packaging in some cases.

The label is then printed and a tracking number uploaded onto our warehouse management system. This is then sent to the customer to show them all the orders that have been shipped and the tracking numbers for them to use.


Once the order is packed to the customer’s specific requirement it is labelled and sent out by their chosen courier. Here at Bray Solutions, we are proud to offer our customers, five parcel couriers, to ship with; Royal Mail, DPD, DHL, Tuffnells & UK Mail with other pallet couriers available when required.

Specialist Teams

At Bray, we have specified dedicated teams for different customers to ensure staff are fully trained in the bespoke requirements of the customers.

As well as this we have dedicated pickers, checkers, and packers to ensure we have teams well trained as we keep and even better our 99.98% pick accuracy rate.

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