Bray Solutions receives BRC Accreditation
Steve Mills
June 14, 2024

During the end of 2020, our Health and Safety Manager Adam and our Head of Operations Phil were busy getting everything ready for our BRC Audit, going through all of the processes and procedures to ensure everything was as needed so we could gain our accreditation and be able to offer further services to our customers.


BRC stands for Brand Reputation through Compliance – formerly known as British Retail Consortium. The BRCGS, (Brand Reputation through Compliance) Global Standard for Storage and Distribution and the IFS Logistics standards are safety and operational management system standards, applicable to food and non-food products.

They are created to ensure supplier compliance, taking into consideration the warehousing, transportation, and distribution steps, as well as wholesalers and other logistic services, to secure the retailers’ abilities to guarantee the quality and safety of the food products that they sell.


For Bray Solutions, this means we have policies and procedures in place to ensure we store and distribute food and non-food products safely according to the standard. This enables us to widen our scope, being able to offer ambient food storage to future and current customers. We are hoping to broaden our portfolio and increase our services with this accreditation.

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