CASE STUDY – Boundless: Activated Snacking
Steve Mills
June 14, 2024


Boundless are a rapidly growing customer of ours at Bray Solutions, specialising in Activated Nuts & Seeds.

Their Activated snacks come in a variety of flavours from Orange, Ginger & Maple to Cayenne & Rosemary. Their mission is to provide a tasty snack with endless health benefits which adhere to their slogan – “Be Good to Your Gut”.


They are continuously thinking of new ideas to keep their product fun and exciting along with all the health benefits that come with their snacks. Their nuts & seeds go through a time consuming (but very important) process to make sure you get the full amount of nutrients in each and every one.

Boundless joined Bray Solutions as a new starter, we have seen them expand their business by introducing new products and distributing their goods through the retail and wholesale sectors. We believe in Boundless’ mission having tasted their products and seeing all the hard work that is put into each bag.

We look forward to working and growing with Boundless for the years to come and maintain the already fruitful relationship.

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