Focus of the Month: Logistics and Transport
Steve Mills
June 14, 2024

What is Logistic and Transport?

Usually, transport refers to the movement of people, and logistics refers to the movement of freight such as goods, natural resources, mail and so on. However, logistics is not just about moving things around the world by road, rail, sea or air. It is also all about managing the supply, demand, distribution, and procurement operations too.

Our Transport and Logistics team here at Bray organise all the shipments we may have by road, rail, sea or air and any special requests from our customers on a day to day basis.

Main Duties


Our transport and logistics team process the orders for our customers processing around 300 -1000 orders on an average day. This ranges from manual orders to importing and printing orders already linked to our system. This can increase greatly after bank holiday and sale weekends such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


The team oversee booking in all the inbound deliveries for our customers to have their goods delivered to our warehousing. They must ensure no containers are double-booked and that there is enough time between each container for the teams to be able to unload safely. This helps greatly towards the efficiency of our business and ensuring the customer’s goods are put away within 48hrs for their stock to go onto the system and orders can start to be processed. One of our customers have deliveries come in and then require orders to be loaded on the same lorry and shipped out, this must be time executed with great precision.


Here at Bray Solutions, we ship orders daily with Royal Mail, DHL, DPD and UK Mail however when an order is large/ a pallet It must be booked in which the Transport team do daily. They also deal with orders going to countries outside of Europe which need to be booked in and have specialist quotes for our customers. Some of our customers require same-day deliveries from when the orders are placed these are also arranged with the transport team, we know the importance for our customers to get their orders on time. We also provide collection services for our customers which is arranged by special request by the Transport and Logistics team.


When an order goes missing or is damaged in transit the Transport and Logistics team are the ones to investigate and sort the claims for our customers. From the initial email right to the end resolution the transport team, work with every claim to ensure the best outcome is achieved and the customer is happy with the outcome. Being a third-party logistics company once an order leaves our warehouse it becomes harder for us to control however, we do everything in our power to ensure an order is delivered and if delivered damaged or not at all that a claim is made and the right procedure is followed to ensure our customers are happy.


The Transport and Logistics team work closely with the DC team and book in their shipments ready for delivery. It is crucial they stick to the rules and regulations of all the different Distribution Centres to ensure the order is delivered and no fines occur.


Customers may request quotes for shipments which the Transport team will deal with and provide, these are for things such as orders going to a country they have not shipped before as well as orders larger than they have shipped before to see the price. There are many other requests and queries that the Transport and Logistics team deal with as part of the day to day work.

Why is our Logistics and Transport Department important?

Without our Transport and Logistics team, our business operation would not run. They are at the forefront of the business from the placing of the order onto the system to the booking in of the deliveries all the way to getting the orders to our customers, customers front doors. Without the team Bray Solutions wouldn’t be what it is today and be going from strength to strength, we are very proud of all the services we can provide for our customers and are excited for what is to come and how we will expand in the future.

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