Case Study – Relabelling over 8 million packs of seeds & nuts
Dale Sharpe
June 14, 2024

Case Study – Relabelling over 8 million packs of seeds & nuts

Early November in 2022, we had a client contact Bray Solutions with a huge rework task that they needed to carry out and complete within a 3-month window. The task was to relabel over 8 million packs of seeds & nuts. Our client had the stock ready but didn’t have the facilities to carry out such a task with these numbers.

This is the largest rework task that’s ever been brought to Bray Solutions, so we jumped to the opportunity to show off what we can do and to see if we can rise to the challenge.

How did Bray Solutions help?

We first started with a meeting with the client to fully understand their needs and requirements. Once we had gathered the information, the work started. Before the stock could arrive, we needed to source the labels, luckily, we have many reliable suppliers than can provide exactly what we need, quickly. Not all the packs were the same, therefore we needed various shapes and sizes.

Being food products, the best before date (BBD) was one of the main considerations when deciding on the quick turnaround for the rework. The BBD on these goods didn’t end for another year or so, but to ensure the stock could have the longest shelf life possible, we completed the total amount in 3 months.

The project was a success leaving both the client and the team at Bray Solutions extremely happy, considering neither business has dealt with figures this high before.

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