Four Ways Mobile Devices Are Changing eCommerce Businesses
Dale Sharpe
June 14, 2024


The concern behind security when placing a mobile online order is long in the past. Now every person and their grandmother buys from eCommerce businesses.

Businesses need to step back and assess the growing demand of customers since mobile devices are now an everyday necessity. Multichannel selling is becoming the new normal. In this blog, we discuss four ways mobile devices are changing retail and e-commerce businesses.


Although computers remain the leading source for browsing, mobile devices take the limelight when it comes to what channel to buy on. Mobile purchases are predicted to be worth $3.56 trillion by 2021. As technology continues to advance, businesses who don’t have a mobile storefront will lose out massively on the current market.

Mobile devices are handy for shopping on the go. The ease of mobile shopping as well as the 24-7 access (all you need is a device that connects to the internet or with data capabilities), make it simple to purchase products while out and about. The simplicity of creating a mobile-friendly website makes it almost inexcusable not to keep up with competitors. Google changed its policy to mobile-first indexing back in 2018, so not being mobile-friendly is no longer ok. With apps such as Paypal, Google/Apple Pay, consumers have more trust in making secure online payments through mobile now than ever.

M-commerce statistics from July 2020 show that out of the 4.17 billion global internet users, more than nine in ten (91 percent) are using their mobile devices to gain access online. Mobile devices and apps work well together to satisfy consumer needs. With customers spending so much time on their mobile, apps are the way forward to get in front of your target audience. Effortlessly tailored, apps can make the shopping process straightforward, leading to a higher likelihood of sales.


Implementing a mobile app or mobile-friendly website allows consumers to connect with a business’ social media presence while shopping and performing social interactions at the same time. Instagram releasing their shopping feature earlier this year only sped up this process.

Mobile apps allow retailers to interact with consumers beyond the limits of a brick-and-mortar business. Gone are the days where companies have to wait for customers to walk into their shop or spot an ad in public before interacting with them.

Now, they can reach consumers everywhere. Intelligent retargeting, using multiple marketing channels, means that customers can be reminded of forgotten baskets, items they spent a long time looking at and more.


Offering free in-store WiFi gives consumers the motivation to shop in-store. It also provides employees with product information at the touch of a button, allowing a smoother customer service process.

This offering is especially useful in stores such as M&S or Waitrose, who usually have restaurant services inside. Free Wi-Fi access can help increase the time customers spend in a store. With most large shopping centres offering site-wide free WiFi, or improved mobile connection indoors providing virtual in-store experiences can connect customers from offline to online.


With GPS installed on most smartphones, it is much easier for businesses to target specific locations with advertisements or promotions, found merely through consumer’s regular search results.

Using features like Google My Business to help you reach local customers is a good idea. You can get analytics from search results and what people are looking for before they find you.

Technology is proving itself and is becoming a massive part of the customer service process. Not only does it help consumers keep track of purchases, but it has also become the primary source of contact for customers to interact with e-commerce businesses. Apps such as Shop Pay, that provide a tracking service for parcels regardless of courier are becoming more popular.

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