Contract Packing During the Christmas Rush
Dale Sharpe
June 14, 2024

September is upon us and with Christmas just around the corner, our contract packing team are busy packing Christmas packs for our customers. The Christmas rush starts around the end of August/ beginning of September continuing all the way through to December.


Contract Packing is the operation of packing items for redistribution also referred to as co-packing. Manufacturers sometimes produce items in bulk that they wish to have repackaged in a retail friendly manner, or in some cases in suitable packaging or quantities for the end customers.

This enables the product to be suitable for retail or wholesale purposes, helping customers expand their production capabilities – especially important during the Christmas season.


Due to the different packing options we have here at Bray, we are able to pack a whole range of different items to cater to our customers diverse needs. Every year brings something different and the diverse items keep our team busy and experienced in the different packing options we offer. These include:

  • Small Light Assembly – Assembling items to your specific specification.
  • Product Rework – Rectifying any issues with your products.
  • Kimballing – We have the facilities for re-tagging and labelling products.
  • Labelling – Adding barcodes and relabelling your items when required.
  • Bagging – We have an Auto bag machine that churns away all day bagging and sealing small components.
  • Banding – A specific machine to cater for all banding requirements.
  • Shrink Wrapping – Providing a tamper proof and retail friendly finish to your products.
  • Batch Coding– Printing codes on products for traceability and product descriptions.
  • Logistics – Once your products are complete, we can distribute them to their destination.

If you require bespoke contract packaging services for this Christmas season email us on or call 01780 784875.

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