Paperless business solutions
Steve Mills
June 14, 2024

Consumers expect businesses to be paperless wherever possible.

Most major companies, especially in banking, offer an option to go paperless and receive updates through secure inboxes online. As well as being much more data compliant, it saves money and the environment.

As a 3PL company, we understand the importance of being efficient, accountable and environmentally friendly and so have invested in systems to help. Our top of the range WMS system, KHAOS control, can integrate with your database, enabling you to go paperless.


For some companies, dealing with a secure, custom system may be best. For others integrating with CMS systems that already exist is perfect.

These off-the-shelf CMS systems often provide multiple ways for you to connect with customers. You could integrate with your Facebook page to provide Messenger shipping updates for your social media savvy users. For those with simpler phones, you could provide a text notification system.

The most common method chosen is email shipping updates. Users often prefer to have this as their centre for updates, and with the increase in intelligent inboxes that sort your emails, it makes everyone’s inbox cleaner.


For many years, 3PL has been slowly moving towards a green future. The fast and comprehensive development of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) means that it is easier than ever to provide a fully paperless system to customers.

Going paperless is one big step towards being more environmentally aware.


Paperless not only saves money but also increases system efficiency. A database entry takes under a second, whereas manually entering data takes much longer and with a higher margin for error.

Reporting and stock take is also much easier when paperless. Rather than manually counting everything, it means that warehouse operatives can simply run a report with a click on the current stock, broken down by product range.

Analysts predict that in 2020, 65% of retailers will offer same-day delivery (GoPeople, 2019) and with the biggest reason for cart abandonment in the US being costly shipping. These two factors combined show the reason for needing a reliable and fast paperless 3PL system.


With GDPR hitting it’s two year anniversary this May, we are very aware of the impact that data security has on future customers. Having a paperless system is a great way to hold yourself accountable and show that to customers.

Using a WMS, like KHAOS control, means that we are not only encrypting our customer’s data, but we can backup and restore this at the click of a button.

Transitioning to a paperless warehouse environment is a very sensible way to cement your place in the future. Not only can it reduce your carbon emissions, but it can also ensure a speedier service that is more secure.

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