Case Study – Banding Millions of Bags for a Major Supermarket
Dale Sharpe
June 14, 2024

Case Study – Banding millions of bags for a major supermarket

In this blog, we look back at how we carried out another monumental contract packing task for one of our customers.

The assignment put forward was to band just under 5 million bags together in groups of 13,16, and 17. The units then needed to be distributed all over the country in to warehouses and stores.

The deadline set for completion was just 10 weeks and was to be carried out from the end of November 2022 through to the beginning of January 2023. The first challenged we faced was that November to January are some of the busiest months with many of our other customers participating in Christmas, Boxing Day and January Sales.

To meet the deadline, we needed to plan and prepare effectively as we could soon slip behind schedule. We trained many members of staff from different departments to ensure that we kept on track. We averaged 8 employees daily, counting, banding and carefully placing the units into cartons ready to be shipped.

As you can imagine, banding nearly 5 million bags is going to take up some space. Luckily, thanks to our newly renovated Co-packing department, we could set up many lines at one time increasing the efficiency throughout the operation.

Thanks to careful planning and the team’s dedication, the task was completed a week before the deadline which is much to our customer’s delight. The goods were palletised and shipped off to the various stores and warehouses around the UK.

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