A Parcels Journey Through Bray – How it Happens
Dale Sharpe
June 14, 2024

If you’re wondering what actually happens to your goods when they come into our warehouse, and the journey the parcel takes from stock to sent, then read on. We handle a variety of goods from small, local shipments, to larger international dangerous goods.

Thanks to our amazing staff, we have a fluid system from our pick and pack team to our transport and logistics team. At every step of the way, your parcel is handled with the care and professionalism you’d expect from a 3PL company.


When we receive products from you, the first thing we do is process the order through our Warehouse Management System (WMS) Khaos Control. Our goods-in and stock control team run this process, with our Stock Control Manager, Greg, heading this up. Using a WMS means we can pick efficiently and with speed.

This allows us to correctly place it in our warehouses, enabling accuracy from the beginning. Depending on your requirements we can either store it long or short term, or if it’s coming up to a seasonal influx, we can do seasonal overstock as well.


Once we get an order in through our system, our warehouse operations team picks it using scanners linked to our WMS. This where the importance of our goods-in team placing the order correctly comes into play. Our pickers are sent to a system-generated location, which is where the stock was placed previously.

On an average day, we pick 800 orders, rising to up to 3000 on key shopping dates like Black Friday and bank holidays. We’re proud of our 99.98% pick accuracy rate, showing our commitment to high accuracy for all our customers.


As Bray specialises in the dangerous goods sector and the specific requirements it has, it seems silly to not mention it.

We ship Dangerous Goods through Sea and Air freight as well as through transport networks managed from our Distribution Centre. When it comes to dangerous goods, we’ve sent them as far as Australia and Saudi Arabia, and all entirely within regulations.

As well as our Projects and Health & Safety Manager Adam holding certification in being CAA registered in Dangerous Goods by air, our DC team is fully trained in the regulations of packing and labelling.


Once your order has been picked and packed, it gets sent to either our Distribution Centre (DC) team or our transport and logistics department.

Our DC team works to ship into major retailers such as John Lewis, as the process varies differently from W2C. It may be anything from a specific pallet requirement to labelling a certain way. Having a specialist DC team means we can ensure all of our customers’ requirements are fulfilled and no deliveries are rejected.

If a delivery is rejected, fines can be anywhere from £500 to £1000, or worse, the customer can lose their contract. Most DC orders have a timed delivery which is provided once we have emailed with a booking request.


If you’re shipping through a courier network such as Royal Mail, DHL, DPD etc. then our transport and logistics team will handle that. We ship daily, anywhere from 300 to 1000 orders, through multiple networks.

Our Transport and Logistics team also liaise closely with the DC team to ensure that shipments are booked correctly and ready for delivery at any point.

If you’ve got a query about a parcel, are shipping to a new country or have an exceptionally large delivery, then our transport team are on hand to answer queries and organise shipping that meets your requirements.

Now you’ve read about a parcel going through Bray, why not work with us? Get in touch to find out more.

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