Barcode Verification Is an Essential Part of Any Supply Chain
Steve Mills
June 14, 2024


It’s important to make sure label readability is perfect at every point in the process, as poor quality barcodes result in increased labour costs, loss in sales and fines. According to GS1 UK, the cost of poor barcodes in the UK is between £500 million and £1 billion pounds per year.

What is barcode verification?

Barcode Verification is a process that checks the readability of your barcodes. Checking a few products per week or month will save time, money and build relationships with traders.


Products that need attention will slow down the process. A large retailer with many suppliers will expect barcodes to read well on every product, that they will scan swiftly, and hold the correct information. Those that don’t may have their shipment returned to the supplier.

Over 5 million barcodes are scanned worldwide every day. If a barcode does not scan, you would have to enter the data manually. This could lead to:

  • Process delays
  • Increase risk of inaccuracy
  • Errors in pricing and product information
  • Time-wasted correcting mistakes
  • Possible penalties

The Barcode Verification process is something every business needs to ensure that they only produce good and readable barcodes. Barcode verification is considered a smart investment. It is the best way to ensure 100% scan-ability and will save your business from any mistakes along the supply line.

Some retailers will not take poor barcodes lightly.

The risk of poor barcodes can seriously affect businesses in several ways:

  • Damage relationships – if you have poor barcodes, businesses will start to shop around. Did you know, it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one? Invesp
  • Loss of relationships with traders – Bad news travels fast, and people talk. Make sure they are talking about your business in a good light and that your barcodes aren’t letting you down.
  • Cost – Fines, time spent correcting mistakes and cost of re-printing barcodes are all extra cost that no one wants to pay out for.

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