The Future of Warehousing and Logistics

With advanced technology continuously on the rise, the future of warehousing and logistics is promising.

Although nothing is set in stone, ensuring your warehousing and logistics adheres to the constant changes of modern technology means you will be ready for when future developments arise, ahead of your competitors.

2018 is just the beginning, but the best place to start.

Automation is a big thing in 2018 warehousing and logistics Automation is set to become a regular addition to the warehouse rather than a competitive advantage. Eventually, you will fall behind if you’re not including some automation in your supply chain. The number of companies not looking at supply chain automation is currently as high as 40%, but will drop to 17% by the end of 2018.(*)

It’s all about delivery.

If customer expectations were not already at an all-time high, delivery demands are about to get a whole lot more demanding. Along with the option of different buying portals and irresistible discounts, it’s time to broaden your horizons. Warehouses are now offering the option to choose the exact date/time when the consumer can receive their products by.

While this is currently a treat offering, soon enough more and more logistics providers will adapt, and warehouses can’t afford to fall behind. Competing with the more customer-oriented companies in 2018 will work to your advantage.

The perfect order

The demand for perfect orders is quickly becoming an expectation. The potential problems of last-mile delivery can stand in the way of fulfilling a perfect order, but as businesses are soon realising, the ‘perfect order’ is the ultimate selling point for customer satisfaction over competitors.

What does it take to make an order perfect, you ask? It all starts with ensuring you deliver the right product to the right place and person, in excellent condition, with the correct documentation. Getting orders right is no longer a primary concern, perfection is the goal.

The impossible is almost possible.

If we said that drones, let alone smart glasses, were going to be the future of warehousing and logistics even ten years ago, we are confident people wouldn’t believe it. Supported by augmented reality, smart glasses will make future deliveries easier by providing hands-free route searches and face recognition for error-free deliveries.

With the rise of these unmanned solutions, logistics are a whole new ball game and will increase flexibility, speed and quality of deliveries massively.

Blockchain, autonomous mobile robots, 3D printing and self-driving vehicles and more are emerging technologies that continue to gain an incredible amount of coverage this year and they are predicted to find their place in the warehousing industry sooner than you think.

Each are moving at their own pace and are at very different points on the supply chain maturity curve, with autonomous mobile robots at the top, blockchain at the bottom.

What are your warehousing and logistic goals for 2018?


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“phil&teds have been using Bray Solutions since January 2014 for 3PL [ third party logistics ] services for the UK.  Bray have provided us with a tailor-made logistics service that is responsive to changes in order demand. A service that uses the most cost effective distribution options. Bray have been a vital partner in working through the complexity of delivering products to large UK organisations such as Amazon, John Lewis and Mothercare to help grow our business.

We would be happy to recommend Bray to other companies seeking a logistics partner in the UK .”

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