Warning Signs - Is It Time To Update Your Warehouse Systems

Running a warehouse with outdated warehouse systems is a costly risk no growth-focused business should take.

With the ongoing upkeep of fulfilling orders, keeping track of inventory and most importantly, pleasing customers, it’s not difficult to neglect warehouse systems if they work for you on a day-to-day basis.

However, it is evident that, with the ever-changing technology in the industry, businesses should take a step back and assess whether their warehouse systems and solutions work at the same level as warehouse staff to keep up with consumer demands.

Warehouse management systems (WMS) are utilised in warehousing and distribution companies, shipping companies, e-commerce businesses and more. When a WMS is properly executed, it will offer a resourceful inventory management system that lets staff keep track of inventory levels, deliveries, and the overall management of goods in and out of the warehouse.

However, simply having warehouse systems in place doesn’t mean they can meet your specific warehouse needs. Here are some crucial signs that you might need to upgrade your WMS:

Signs you need to upgrade

Business growth… If it’s not broken, don’t fix it?

Contrary to what you might believe, it’s crystal clear that the first sign of needing new warehouse systems is if you’re experiencing rapid business growth. Businesses must adapt to better management and technology if they wish to sustain success. Keeping on top of growth and having the ability and space to progress further is key.

Advancing the system

As mentioned above, many warehouses will believe that if their procedures run as normal, there isn’t a real issue or reason to update their warehouse systems. With such advanced technology becoming available so frequently, it can prove quite daunting for businesses to upgrade. However, with the advances in cloud technology, on-premise software simply can’t compete with the benefits of the cloud. The relatively straightforward process of upgrading a WMS may decrease long-term costs related to maintaining an obsolete warehouse system.

Difficulty to use

Warehouse systems must remain user-friendly and efficient so everyone in the business can work well alongside them. The whole idea of having a WMS is to help your warehouse run smoothly, so a difficult to use, clunky system will defeat the object and frustrate your staff.

A slow WMS can also prove difficult to use as there will be a delay in processing your daily tasks. If with every update there is a lag before the inventory updates across the system, you are prone to errors and mistakes that will cause a bigger issue in the long run. A fast WMS is crucial for accuracy as well as warehouse productivity.

Regular order errors

No warehouse, big or small, is completely safe from errors. However, errors caused by warehouse systems should convince you to upgrade your WMS as soon as possible. If employees find themselves fixing order errors on regular basis, it’s almost certain you have  WMS trouble.

Are you receiving one too many customer complaints? You need to consider re-developing your process. Mistakes in your fulfilment process will only end in dissatisfaction for not only customers but warehouse staff too. You can expect that business growth opportunity to end miserably…

Out of date

Warehouse systems have evolved at an incredibly fast rate over the years and have become more helpful than ever. With newer systems coming to light, the older versions might struggle to keep up and eventually reach their expiry date. If you don’t have the ability to store things in the cloud or it’s difficult to corporate with shipping companies you might experience a huge dip in productivity.  

Our advice? Make sure to take the time to evaluate your warehouse process regularly to avoid mistakes. Do you have a budget in place for yearly upgrades? Even if you have the technology at hand things can still go wrong, and you’ll need a piggy bank in case of emergencies.  

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“We would be happy to recommend Bray to other companies seeking a logistics partner in the UK .”

“phil&teds have been using Bray Solutions since January 2014 for 3PL [ third party logistics ] services for the UK.  Bray have provided us with a tailor-made logistics service that is responsive to changes in order demand. A service that uses the most cost effective distribution options. Bray have been a vital partner in working through the complexity of delivering products to large UK organisations such as Amazon, John Lewis and Mothercare to help grow our business.

We would be happy to recommend Bray to other companies seeking a logistics partner in the UK .”

Neil Hammond

Project Manager, phil&teds