Are you a new business that has a lot of stock and quickly running out of arms and head space to process it as well as floor space to store it? Or a business whose current warehouse isn’t servicing the needs that your business has or will need in the future?

In this blog, we go through those all-important points to consider when choosing the right type warehouse space for your business.

 In this blog, we go through those all-important points to consider when choosing the right type warehouse space for your business.

Firstly, there are a three types of warehouse space to choose from:

Contract Warehousing: Contract warehousing is something Bray Solutions specialise in. You can hire contract space for a fixed secure period.This typically lasts six months or longer. This can be a disadvantage for businesses looking for shorter terms. The charge per square foot is commonly better for public warehousing (see below), and another advantage of this is that space often comes with additional features such as 24-hour security, racking and forklifts.

Public Warehousing: You can rent Public space on a month-to-month basis for a fixed fee per square foot. The great thing about this is no long-term commitments, but the flip side is that this option is often the most expensive per square foot.

Private Warehousing: Private space is owned and managed by the business. An advantage of owning the space is complete control of all aspects of the process, even renting out unused space. A disadvantage of private warehousing is the wealth needed to obtain the space and the cash flow to staff and manage it.

How to Choose the Best Warehousing Option for you.

Beyond ‘types’ of warehouse space mentioned previously, there are other aspects to consider and questions to ask when sourcing a third party to look after your stock:


You have to decide whether the warehouse can cost or profit… How long will you store your products for? Do you require to store products near a transportation corridor such as a rail line or highway? As fuel costs continue to increase, the location of a warehouse is not just chosen for convenience but also for profitability. The key feature of our facility is the geographical location. Linking to the road, rail, sea and air.

Peace of Mind

Will your goods have insurance? At Bray Solutions, goods are insured for the standard liability as per the UKWA (United Kingdom Warehousing Associated) of £100 per metric tonne. However, it is worth asking if your warehouse offers additional insurances if you have high-value goods. This is, of course, an option when leaving your valuables in our capable hands.

Which leads on to security. While our modern warehouse facilities have the latest safety systems and features, this is not a standard feature for all warehouse storage units. Ask about monitoring your goods and what they have in place in the event of a fire or break in.

Space to Grow

Our minimum storage available is one pallet space with a capacity up to 15,000 pallets, with additional warehouse storage.

Bray Solutions are in it for the long haul. With a strong network of warehouse sites across the UK, we have the capacity to grow with your business. We offer bulk store or racked, seasonal and overspill storage.

This is not always the case with every warehouse provider, make sure you ask what the capacity is when enquiring, as changing your warehousing provision due to not asking the right questions can be costly.

Staff, Accuracy & Technology

Does your business have clear seasonal trends or runs regular promotions? A large proportion of our client base follow seasonal trends. Many offer promotional schemes throughout the year. We make sure that we have staff on hand to support the businesses we work with during these times. But can other warehouses? There is nothing worse than a huge backlog of orders and unhappy customers that then leave you for your competitors because your outsourced provision was not able to cope with demand.

Which leads us on to Accuracy. As we process everything electronically on to our warehouse management system and use Wi-Fi handheld scanners when picking and packing, we have a 99.9% accuracy rate. With the latest IT, WMS and Wi-Fi scanners, all stock is recorded electronically with each item having an individual audit trail. This helps us to prevent making mistakes, especially during those crucial busy spells. Another important statistic to ask for when sourcing a warehouse storage solution.

Whatever you decide. Make sure you have the information and ask the right questions when you speak to warehouse space providers. It can be a costly mistake if not researched properly.

With key industrial sites across four counties, Bray Solutions has some cost-effective warehouse storage options for businesses of any size. To find out more about our warehouse space options, contact the team at Bray Solutions.

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