A warehouse safety checklist:

  • Ensures that all procedures are documented and understood.
  • Provides everyone with a point of reference and a clear training plan.
  • Highlights areas that need work and where staff may need additional training.
  • Ensures a solid framework within which all employees should operate.
  • Results in the warehouse being a safe place to work.
A warehouse safety checklist is vital as it ensures that all procedures are documented and adhered to. Find out why it is crucial for any warehouse.

There are many aspects to creating a warehouse safety checklist.

Are floors and aisles clear of clutter? Can you identify any hazards that could cause employees to slip or fall? Do you provide a uniform to ensure staff dress appropriately? These are just a few areas of consideration; We outline the main part of the framework below in our own warehouse safety checklist.

Your warehouse safety checklist aims:

Regardless of size, the objectives set out below are pretty much standard for any warehouse safety checklist.

  • Identify the risks with the critical operations of the warehouse.
  • Recognise all hazards, which may obstruct the safety of employees.
  • Know the current risk control measures.
  • Suggest suitable risk control/mitigation measures for improvement.
  • Classify gaps in current control measures against to national/international standards.

Sections to cover:

Areas that need clear procedures and training on as well as regular maintenance include topics such as:

  • Building safety.
  • Storage and material management practices.
  • Fire prevention and protection.
  • Emergency awareness and preparedness.
  • Electrical installations.
  • Security system

Warehouse safety checklist elements that require periodic reviews:

Training Procedures:

Practical workplace training is the only way to pass any safety audit. Regardless of how detailed your risk assessment checklist or workplace safety policy is; An active employee training programme is the key.

In any warehouse, it is important that everyone carries out this training. From the floor workers to the supervisors, managers, contractors, and part-time and temporary employees.

Warehouse Equipment List & Their Maintenance Requirements:

An inspection of the warehouse should be carried out on a regular basis. From the floors to the lighting; Everything needs checking to ensure the safety of the workforce and maintenance of the equipment.

For example, you should complete and verify forklift trucks log books daily and ensure safe parking, adhering to speed limits at all times. Racking needs checking to ensure that they are stable and undamaged. Lighting needs to be suitable for the environment to allow operatives to get on with their work with ease.

Fire & Evacuation Procedures:

Those who are responsible for workplaces and other buildings, to which the public have access, can avoid fires by taking responsibility for and implementing the right behaviours and procedures. Employers must carry out a fire safety risk assessment and keep it up to date.

This is the tip of the iceberg

Clearly, we could dedicate a whole website to warehouse safety and best practice. Although it seems like a lot of hard work, once the processes, producers, and maintenance plans are put into place, the focus shifts to training and keeping everything in order and up to date.

Head of Operations at Bray Solutions Phil Morton explains:

“Warehouse safety checklists can streamline the job of measuring the safety conditions in a warehouse.  Separating these checklist items into adhoc, daily, monthly or quarterly tasks can help streamline these processes further. Each checklist is essential for addressing safety hazards, identifying potential workplace hazards and ensuring that your operations meet health and safety standards.

Another benefit of these warehouse safety checklists is that they can help employers identify areas of training in workplace safety and PPE, which can be important for businesses that employee a flexible workforce.”

While talking about warehouse safety is a dry topic, it is essential. Receiving a fine is the last thing a warehouse needs, their customers to suffer and business lost. Sometimes it is best to leave it to the professionals.


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