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The process of third party logistics 3PL is where another company takes charge of all your warehousing responsibilities for you.

A 3PL provider will take care of everything from the despatch, order processing and stock control of your products. With third party logistics, you can assume total control of your warehousing responsibilities. From unloading pallets and containers, sorting, picking and packing orders, and handling despatch. This method works particularly well with eCommerce businesses where small marketing and management operations have access to larger storage and despatch operations, controlled remotely. Bray Solutions can take responsibility for all aspects of packaging, from bespoke bagging and labelling to boxing and carton construction.

The advantages of 3PL include:

  • Having access to state-of-the-art warehousing and packaging technology.
  • Dedicated warehousing service.
  • Delivery of fast and reliable logistical support.
  • Saving on building requirements and capital investment.
  • The flexibility of delivery from small, one-off deliveries to large scale supply.

3PL companies, like Bray Solutions, offer a broad range of specialist, warehousing services including the breaking down of deliveries and making up of orders on your behalf. We can manage every aspect, including staffing and documentation, leaving you to focus on production and marketing your business.

To find out how Bray Solutions can support your eCommerce business through our full 3pl solution, contact us on 01780 784875 or email  info@braysolutions.co.uk