Abandoned shopping carts have been a big issue since e-commerce began. Businesses will find that there are many reasons as to why potential customers will abandon their shopping cart just before purchase.

In part 1 of our 2-part blog, we discuss the importance of checkout costs, browsing and delivery options.

Unexpected checkout costs

56% of shoppers said that unexpected costs at the checkout are the reason they leave without completing their purchase. As an e-commerce business, you may have witnessed this before. A classic example is with postage costs. Make your postage costs as clear as possible to ensure your online customer is fully aware of when they will incur postage charges and when this price may change due to the amount spent or weight increases. It’s crucial to give your customers all necessary information upfront to avoid any miscommunication.

It’s no longer possible to ‘trick’ people into paying extra. If you can’t state a clear summary of the costs, the likelihood is they will leave your site and browse on a competitor’s. A way to prevent this is to be sure that you explicitly state all terms of purchase in a readable form before a customer adds a product to their shopping cart.

Just browsing

Some customers just want to browse what you have to offer. They may not necessarily wish to purchase anything there and then and may prefer to save it for later. This occurs most commonly with high-price purchases or when buying large items such as furniture. Allowing them the opportunity to ‘save for later’ or ‘add to wish list’ will potentially eliminate another abandoned shopping cart.

Email recovery campaigns are another method to consider, which may bring back stray customers to complete their forgotten orders through personalised emails.Abandoned shopping carts have been a big issue since e-commerce began. Click here to learn more

Limited delivery options

Shoppers who wish to receive their product quickly may be willing to pay an extra fee if given the opportunity to do so. Most will be happy to wait for their parcels but would prefer to have an idea of what is happening; therefore, clearly state an estimated delivery time.

Offering your customers a chance to track their orders will also provide peace of mind. Even if it is a long delivery time, make them feel in control by giving them regular updates through email/texts.

Most shoppers are more likely to shop with online retailers who offer free delivery, and could potentially quit their order if free shipping was not available. E-commerce sites Asos and Very are excellent examples, both offering free and next day delivery.

Similarly, internet retailers with a high-street presence will often give you the ‘free’ option to pick up in store. If you accept international orders, be sure to display the shopper’s local currency to avoid confusion for worldwide customers.

If you take these points into consideration, you’re guaranteed to limit those abandoned shopping carts and have a successful shopping process that everyone can follow with ease. Bray Solutions can help limit abandoned shopping carts by providing your customers with a seamless customer service experience. To find out more, call us on 01780 784875 or email us at info@braysolutions.com