Same day shipping for e-commerce businesses was once never seen as an option. It wasn’t a consideration or needed. The preoperational organisation just wasn’t possible for companies to promise.

Same day shipping for businesses was never considered or needed. Read our latest blog to see how your business can implement same-day delivery.First of all, as with nearly every aspect of our ever-changing lifestyles and demands, technology improved the possibility. With the mass of technology on offer today, the capability for same day shipping is more realistic than most believe.

Requests by shoppers for same-day delivery continue to increase in 2016. The importance of shipping became prominent by the triumph of Amazon Prime. Now changes are being made by sites such as eBay and Google to offer the service.

Will same day shipping become the norm? Will it continue as a limited option for impatient customers with money to spend on deliveries?

Amazon Prime allows members to have a shipment delivered within two hours of ordering. Prime delivery benefits depend on stock availability, order deadlines, and the address of the location. Amazon has a list of postcodes which are not eligible for this service.

Not every business is as big as Amazon, but that doesn’t mean smaller companies should shy away from same day delivery. By putting together clear terms, a pricing structure, and ensuring the business can fulfil the need, most e-commerce businesses could offer a similar service.

Same day shipping is believed to have the potential to improve the way we shop.

Same day shipping contributes to the convenience of online shopping, with likenesses to actual stores.

Consumers will chose the best deals. As well as the most satisfying customer experience. Online retailers must do everything they can to remain in the competition.

Customers desire:

  • Quick delivery services.
  • Ability to track their items.
  • Value for money.

A current survey by Temado exposed that 97 percent of consumers want to be able to follow the progress of their delivery in real-time.

Despite people believing that the demand for same day shipping is progressively on the rise, it is quite low.

A study by UPS recently revealed that 85% of shoppers are willing to wait at least five days, when the shipping is free. 98% of consumers are willing to wait at least two days, even when they pay for shipping. Another new study showed that the younger generation is becoming more passionate about the option of same-day fufilment.

In addition, Millennials are more likely to expect same-day shipping. Due to growing up in a well-adapted and fast pace world. These expectations are no longer deemed impossible, but accessible and convenient.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Same Day Shipping for Businesses


Space, time and capacity: Same day shipping requires a business to have enough room to store more stock. You’re not just dealing with day-to-day inconsistency, but also variability. It is a necessity to have enough volume to meet the need during busy periods. You need to consider the capacity of staff, systems, equipment, and even floor space. All of which come at a price.

Productivity: With same day shipping, sometimes there is not enough time to gather a large number of orders before having to process them. If a business is a smaller outfit, by having a cut-off time for orders and a limited amount of postcodes on offer, this delivery service can be a success.


Customers first: Offer clients a convenient and accessible service they can enjoy. They may choose to wait longer for items if there is value to doing so.

Feedback: The feedback customers leave will more likely be positive. They may recommend a business to others based on this advantage!

Flexibility for staff: Large firms no longer have restrictions in regards to specific working hours and in turn can offer more flexible terms for staff.

The future:

Same day shipping will soon to be overtaken by shipping within the hour. A service that online retailers are contending with in 2016. Consumer demands are increasing, as same day shipping becomes more reachable. Businesses now have to meet the expectancy of the customer and give them a choice, to be a part of the competitive market,

Same day delivery is no longer a phenomenon. Small businesses can provide an effective delivery process that suits them, using a 3pl company like Bray Solutions. Contact them by telephone 0844 8802578 or email: for more information.