Picking and packing is a fundamental part of any supply chain.

Your shipping process can make or break a business. As e-commerce develops, so does the customers’ expectations. Picking and packing is the process used when satisfying customer orders, one which should employ a minimum number of steps to improve the order fulfilment process.

The picking and packing process starts with receiving a customer order at the warehouse. Then promptly moves onto picking the items needed to fill the request, and quickly packing the items to schedule the delivery.

To ensure the process is as efficient as possible, many companies use warehouse management systems that can quickly identify the location of particular goods within the warehouses and allow pickers to gather speedily items needed to fill an order.

Tips for a perfect pick and pack process:

Bestsellers are number one

Place frequently brought items nearest to the packing station, that way it doesn’t take too much time trying to find it.

Products that come in pairs

Placing repeatedly brought together items together, such as shampoo and conditioner, or toothbrushes and toothpaste will simplify the picking process.

Get organised

Keep products in an easy to reach the level, perhaps in some form of order whether alphabetical or otherwise, so pickers instantly know where to look.

Trained staff

All staff should be able to meet the demands of the job. Consider what sort of person you need for the job before hiring anyone. They should have full training and an understanding of your requirements to ensure minimal mistakes. It only takes one mishap to cause mayhem across the warehouse.

Learn from mistakes

Even in the best of warehouses, mistakes will happen. Keeping track of the errors made can give you a critical insight into areas where there might be room for improvement.

Packaging for presentation

Packaging can become a part of your brand experience. For example, monthly beauty box ‘Glossybox’ comes in their signature pink and black box, a familiarity you can recognise from their logo and website. If it matches your branding, it can make a big statement.
Picking and packing is a fundamental part of any supply chain. Your shipping process can make or break a business. Click to read our top tips. It also allows a shopper to know the package from (your company) is here as opposed to trying to remember what and where from they have ordered.Trunk Club is another example that has taken the experience seriously. Instead of choosing standard packaging, they opted for a custom box with a handle that resembles a trunk, accentuating their brand. From the moment a trunk from Trunk Club arrives at your doorstep, you know you’re in for a great experience and a package you probably can’t wait to open.

Packaging for breakables

As mentioned, the presentation is an important part of the packaging process. But that won’t do a great deal of good when the product arrives broken. Padded or unpadded envelopes and boxes filled with cushioning such as bubble wrap will help for safe transport. Try packaging products in boxes with a little extra space so that they have space for extra protection.

Make the most of your space

Bigger boxes may improve safe transport of orders, but don’t be ridiculous. A huge box for a small product will just increase additional shipping prices, limiting your business profits.

Picking and packing is a fundamental part of any supply chain. Your shipping process can make or break a business. Click to read our top tips.It’s best to keep packaging as small as possible, cardboard waste can be an environmental concern, especially If not recycled correctly. No one wants the responsibility of unwanted waste.

Some say size matters, but not to us. However big or small your operation, Bray Solutions has a flexible, cost effective option for your pick and pack requirements.

With our on-site picking and packing department, we set up to handle one-off jobs, right through to complex operations that require the skills of a dedicated team. Our experienced warehouse team pride themselves on accuracy and quality control. We work with our customers to meet deadlines and ensure picking, packing, and dispatching of goods is handled as efficiently as possible.


Not only do we pick and pack for you, but we can also deliver it to your desired destination. Take a look at our Logistics Haulage page for more information. Call us on Phone: 01780 784875 or email us info@braysolutions.com

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