Why You Need to Outsource Pick and Pack Fulfilment

How valuable is your time? Utilising a third party logistics supplier for your pick and pack fulfilment allows you to focus on core business goals.

Outsourcing pick and pack fulfilment will provide a number of valuable solutions as well as free up vital resources to allow you to focus on things such as sales and bettering product quality. It means you can take a step back from the process and let the experts take the lead.

Thinking ahead

While business growth may be in the near future, or in years to come, it is essential to consider your planned growth when outsourcing. You will need a location big enough to meet your needs – now and in the future. This may seem like a costly solution, but carrying out your own fulfilment and supply chain process can be more costly once you have factored in overheads such as property, staff and time.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you have the resources (time, space, people, inventory) to pack and organise products?
  • Is there space to store your stock and packaging materials?
  • Who is managing the supply chain, quality control and returns process?
  • How much does doing fulfilment, posting and aftersales all this cost?

Here at Bray Solutions, we have many advantages outsourcing pick and pack fulfilment can offer:


Save your time

Organising your products for sale and transforming them into orders that are ready to ship to customers is a timely process that needs love and attention. Outsourcing will take the time you would spend on fulfilment and give you the ability to spend it on growing the business.

Storage solutions

With Bray, you can save storage space in-house by using our warehouse, ready to pick pack and ship to customers – without you lifting a finger. We’re in it for the long haul, and with a secure network of warehouse sites across the UK, Bray has the space to grow with your business. We can offer bulk store or racked seasonal and overspill storage.

Top of the supply chain

A well-structured supply chain that results in the right products, getting to the right customers at the right time is both the fulfilment provider and clients number one goal. Pick and pack fulfilment is a fundamental factor in the supply chain process. While it is all well and good to offer pick and packing, when times get busy, the risk of error increases. Picking and packing is what we are experts at. And we have staff that are only doing this without a distraction of other business operations. So not only are we giving you your time back to make more money, but we are also protecting your reputation and increasing the chances of customer loyalty by meeting their expectations.

The full service

As well as pick and pack fulfilment, the warehouse management team are an on-hand third-party logistic team. From storage to posting – with Bray, you’re provided with the full package without having to break the budget. A fulfilment partner will pull out all the stops to pack your products carefully to ensure they are delivered in one piece, when expected. You will have peace of mind that the products are packed with care and kept in the best condition. And if something does go wrong, Bray is here to sort it out for your with our customer services team ready to take the call.

Over the last twelve months, Bray has saved 21 trees with the use of our recycled paper void fill. Get in touch today to see how we can help you with your third-party logistics, fulfilment and warehouse management.