New Year. New Consumer Buying Behaviour. New Blog From bray Solutions Ltd.After the Christmas buzz has passed and the new year appears, retailers may notice a drop in consumer buying behaviour.

Fewer customers want to purchase anything after Christmas, so keeping sales up will be difficult. Here are a few new year’s resolutions to ensure your business doesn’t fizzle out in the new year.

To encourage people to visit and buy from your business, you need resolutions to give shoppers a reason to purchase. Stand out from the January blues and give your business some excitement.

Up to date

Mobile commerce should be the resolution to prioritise; keeping up to date with technology is key to stay on the top of the list. More customers are gravitating towards online shopping, as it is easier, avoiding the manic January sales. Having the option to order all of the stock online will increase consumer buying behaviour, resulting in a mass of website traffic.

Use social media to respond to all customer feedback, whether it’s positive or negative. Be sure to respond promptly, but remain polite, social media is visible to everyone so represent the brand in a good light. Negative reviews can damage businesses so quickly resolving the issue can regain positive feedback.

Committing to technology platforms will improve business reputation, which will lead to more customers recommending you to other people.

Discount Deals

Offering new year discounts will draw in customers that are not willing to spend money after their Christmas splurge. Having a clearance of all your winter inventory, offering a small discount on old products will attract potential customers.

If you only offer free delivery over the Christmas period, why not extend it for a few weeks longer? Everyone will search high and low for bargain deals. Offering free deliveries will always win people over, without having to discount products.

Loyal service

Having an incentive for your customers will improve consumer buying behaviour. When someone buys from you, give them exclusive access to your loyalty scheme. First-time buyers will benefit from this as it will bring them back to you in the future and more frequently.

Perhaps offering free delivery to members only will persuade more customers to sign up to the loyalty programme. Giving small discounts on products and sending gifts will entice your audience, without having to lose profit.

While enticing new audiences for their custom, remember to reward customers that are already buying from you. Thank them by offering a bigger discount, encouraging customers to stay loyal to you. Perhaps send a gift or discount code to people who have bought from you at least three times, letting them know this could be a regular occurrence when shopping with you.

Safe Shipping

Having a safe and trustworthy shipment plan is key. Make a resolution to employ a well-organised shipping company that can provide fulfilment, efficient stock taking, and efficiently managed delivery and return policies. It is important to take these points into consideration to take the stress of deliveries away from the business.

Efficient stock taking must be taken seriously to avoid customer dissatisfaction. If a customer has ordered something on your website, that you are unaware is out of stock, it is going to cause upset, leading to negative reviews and loss of custom trust.

At Bray, we manage all deliveries and returns quickly, making sure customers get their goods on time, and graciously accepting and organising returns and refunds.

Following a set of new year’s resolutions will give your business the boost it needs to progress positively throughout 2016.

Why not take it one step further and start the New Year ticking off one of your resolutions by considering Bray Solutions. We offer an easy to use, uncomplicated, trusting service that will take care of all your delivery worries. All of your products will sit tight in our safe and spacious warehouse, and be looked after by experience warehouse and fulfilment staff.

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