Bray Solutions is proud to announce its new partnership with Chazwinkle’s, ¬†a producer of¬†preserved fruits and vegetables for use in, on, or with, everyday cooking.

Bray Solutions are proud to announce their new 3rd party logistics partnership with Chazwinkle's. Find out more about their offering on our blog.

Chazwinkle’s advocates seasonal eating and supporting British farming. If the fresh version is out of season or out of reach, Chazwinkle’s has created a range to capture the flavour of our home grown fruits and vegetables at their best, to make them available to use all year round and at your convenience.

The aim is that food pairings and recipe inspiration (on the jars, via the recipe postcards and online) will encourage multiple purchases with complementary products from within your store.

Chazwinkle’s endeavour to provide simple ‘bung-in’ ideas for those with busy lifestyles who still care about what they eat and where it comes from.

Why Chazwinkle’s chose Bray Solutions

Rising overhead costs such as the upkeep and rent of the existing warehouse, coupled with business rates, staffing costs and issues, lead Chazwinkle’s to look for an alternative solution.

Bray’s solution

To help Chazwinkle’s keep costs down and take away the challenges of managing staff, maintaining a warehouse and equipment like fork trucks and racking, Bray provided a fully managed solution with two pricing models. A fixed annual contract allows Chazwinkle’s to budget and plan ahead. 12 fixed monthly payments (plus shipping), modular based pricing on a pay-as-you-go term, weekly per pallet costs, and per item pick pricing, help keep costs down.

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