A recent article by Chloe Rigby from Internet Retailing discusses how small changes at Amazon may have a significant impact on sales for other online retailers.

Interesting article written by Chloe Rigby from Internet Retailing. Find out what Bray Solutions response is & what we offer as an alternative to support your business.Online retail giant, Amazon, has raised its threshold for universal free delivery to £20.

While customers who spend £10 on books qualify for free delivery, they must pay £20 to benefit from free delivery on other items.

The new limit doubles the previous boundary of a £10 spend on any product, questioning the future of free delivery.

Has Amazon’s position as the world’s leading online retailer has given the business the confidence to raise the threshold? In such a competitive environment, does this change mark a positive step forward for smaller retailers?

Rigby says: “This move may seem a little change, but it’s a highly significant one. For years, UK e-commerce retailers felt the pressure to stay in line with Amazon’s delivery offer and with its prices. We can only speculate as to whether the move is linked to the future introduction of a UK tax for multinationals who divert their profits, or to other tax-related issues (PAYWALL).”

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