Our Business Development Manager, Dale Sharpe, caught up with our Customer Service Manager, Kuljit Senth, for a brief insight into the importance of customer service within the business. Here’s what she had to say:

The Importance Of Customer Service from Bray Solutions LtdWhat is good customer service?

Excellent customer service is not just about seeing to the client’s needs, but going that extra mile.  Showing the customer you have their interest at heart without compromising the business.  Always keeping the customer informed when dealing with queries, even if it is to say “I am dealing with your question and waiting for XXXX to get back to me.”

Does good customer service/relations contribute to the long term standing of a company?

Absolutely. It is a proven fact that if you receive bad service, you will tell at least ten others. However, when one receives good customer service, the ratio is not quite so high.  Therefore, it is vital to building a healthy relationship with your client to ensure that when they are recommending services, you are the company they recommend and continue to use.

What would you say the key attributes you look for in a customer service administrator are?

When I am recruiting for a customer service administrator, I will always carry out a telephone interview as a good telephone manner is important.  In a one-to-one interview, I am looking for a strong empathetic person, who not only understands great customer service but also how to be able to put both business needs against customer needs.  Ensuring professionalism without compromise.

These days, more and more businesses adopt an email approach, rather than a direct means of communication, i.e. the telephone. Would you agree that the phone offers a far more personable approach and leads to improved customer satisfaction?

Email is a great tool to use. However, I do believe you can lose the personal touch.  This is why I encourage my team to follow up with a phone call. I have now introduced skype calls with customers where possible.  Being able to see the customer and have a quick 15-minute catch up once a month is the way forward. 

At the heart of our management team is a solid customer service philosophy which underpins every area of our business. A cost efficient and flexible approach, with accurate, timely delivery is key to customer satisfaction.

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