How to prepare for Black Friday. As the busiest time of year approaches, we ask, is your e-commerce business ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

As the busiest time of year approaches, we ask, is your e-commerce business ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

With peak sales and website crashes, you need to be prepared. Here are some key tips on how to prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the most popular shopping events of the year.

Is your website ready

Not only is shopping online increasingly popular, many people have started to use their mobile devices to search and look at what’s available in the sales.

Black Friday shopping is a great opportunity to purchase products at discounted prices, but most people prefer to browse the web to avoid the frantic store chaos.

Make sure your website is mobile optimised to prevent slow service and loss of sales. If your website crashes, the customer will most definitely move on and buy from your rival business instead.

If you want to know how to prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, then heed our advice. Make sure your ‘sale’ page is up and ready for action as early as possible, so your customers get an idea of what discounts they can get.

Research shows that most people start their Christmas shopping as early as October, so Black Friday is an unmissable opportunity to bring in new customers.

Contingency Plan Backup

Discuss and think about worst-case scenarios; plan for the worst and hope for the best. Ensure you have back up plans and ideas for everything that could go wrong to avoid disasters.

Hosting Capacity

A mass of new traffic will visit your website on Black Friday. If you don’t have enough capacity, the website will crash, making it impossible for customers to purchase anything, or even access the page.

Create Excitement

Social media can be used to advertise your brand for free. Use it to build excitement and suspense in advance before Black Friday to entice your audience. Use Twitter and Facebook to post sneak peek pictures of offers.

Keep your seasonal customers engaged for the year by using your social media to update your followers on new products. Ensure you continue to send out emails to your subscribers. Interestingly, Instagram is now outdoing Facebook in social media circles, and recently broke records for the most amount of users. A quick, visual means of conveying your message, that reaches many followers in an instant.

Free Shipping and Stress-Free Returns

If your business doesn’t have free shipping, perhaps offering it as a ‘Black Friday Special’ will draw in more customers to your site.

Only 2% of people will buy a product without free shipping, another 2% would rather buy it in-store, and 7% leave the site without free shipping to buy elsewhere.

Free delivery can entice people to buy more products or take advantage of the money saved. This can cause a lot of hassle when it comes to returns, so ensure your company offers a clear and understanding policy that customers can refer to.

Avoid Disappointment

Nobody wants an unsatisfied customer. Ensure your website only posts accurate listings of products that are still available to buy to avoid disappointment.

Black Friday might draw lots of attention,  but Cyber Monday is where e-commerce retailers really get the sales in.

After the craze has fizzled out, people browse the web for any offers they missed in-store, or if they can get them even cheaper. Cyber Monday may even be more beneficial for your e-commerce site.

Be Prepared!

Bray Solutions can show you how to prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Our 3PL solutions are designed to manage an onslaught of orders, including picking, packing and posting your products, so you don’t have to. We can even handle returns.

Contact the team on 01780 784875 to see how we can help your e-commerce business.