Fulfilment definition: Order fulfilment is defined as the steps involved in receiving, processing and delivering orders to customers. Click to read more

Fulfilment definition:

The steps involved in receiving, processing and delivering orders to customers. A fulfilment service is defined as a third-party company who provide order fulfilment steps on behalf of another party, such as an e-commerce seller.

There are only two options for businesses when it comes to handling the fulfilment process: in-house (by staff using company infrastructure) or by outsourcing the fulfilment process to a 3PL provider like Bray Solutions.

Most of the time, e-commerce operations will initially complete their own fulfilment, mainly to minimise costs at the start of the new venture. However, as your business grows so too will customer expectation. Outsourcing the fulfilment process will keep delivery demands under control, as well as support your customer service and return queries.

What is the value of outsourcing?

How much money do you spend on packing, petrol and postage?

How much time do you spend processing the orders? Taking them to the delivery company, taking customer service calls or responding to emails when something is delayed?

In short, a fulfilment service provider should fulfil your orders so your customers receive what they want, when they want it. Meaning you are free to carry on marketing your business and take on more orders than if you were completing the fulfilment process yourself.

A complete 3PL fulfilment solution should offer you everything your business requires, to guarantee the utmost customer satisfaction. Your happy customers are the provider’s happy customers; they should work in partnership with you to ensure the maximum standard of third party logistics delivery.

Fancy making more time for yourself and more money? At Bray Solutions, we do all of this and more. Our 3PL fulfilment services will never leave you disappointed. To find out more, call us on 01780 784875 or email us at info@braysolutions.com