4 Key E-Commerce Trends to Keep on Your Radar

With brick and mortar stores cutting costs or even shutting their doors every day in the UK, it makes us wonder about the future of e-commerce trends.

With many shops, for example, Toys R Us, making the press recently due to closures, it’s becoming a well-known fact that the digital world and e-commerce trends are towering over their physical competitors.

It’s questionable what the next step will be in the world of digital shopping. Here at Bray Solutions, we have four key rising e-commerce trends that we predict will become more prominent as time goes on and technology develops.

Going the distance

Although a lot of businesses will focus their time on reaching consumers on their home turf,  the constant growth of the international e-commerce market is a huge factor to take into consideration.

Did you know that global retail e-commerce sales will reach $4.5 trillion by 2021? That is a huge number that e-commerce brands simply can not ignore. (*)

With such impressive statistics, it is clear that customers are happy to go the extra mile and buy products from other countries. As long as you can convert currencies, provide language translations, have multiple types of payment options and utilise shipping solutions that aren’t overly expensive.

Keeping it personal

Personalisation has become a clear expectation in this fast-paced, heavy technological generation of consumers.  Alongside GDPR regulations, you, as a business, can use customer data to your ultimate advantage. Personalised shopping experiences based on statistics, buying behaviour and search engine browsing are simply the beginning.

Delivering personalised content and recommendations based on research can help reduce shopping cart abandonment and improve customer loyalty and trust in your brand.

24-7 communication with chatbots

The number of millennials that own a smartphone is a whopping 95% (*). According to eMarketer, over half of today’s social media users actually prefer to use messenger apps to talk to brands, rather than use a traditional method such as phone, email or live chat.

Chatbots respond to consumer requests in real-time, learn more about them and offer a personalised experience based on responses.. The main advantage of chatbots is their ability to engage with shoppers without requiring them to install a separate mobile application. Chatbots are found on popular platforms such as Facebook Messenger.

However, despite all of the advantages this latest technology provides, they can not offer basic empathetic emotions that a human-based customer service could. If you wish to use chatbots it is important to have a human representative on back up!

Abort mission: cybercrime

Cybersecurity is a crucial feature in e-commerce. Without proper protocols in place, online companies will themselves and their customers at risk for payment fraud.

Not only does cybercrime result in financial consequences, but data breaches will also affect your reputation. Even the most loyal customers will show reluctance to continue shopping with you once you put their information in the hands of a hacker.  

Security is essential for running an online company. You must ensure you put the right procedures in place to prevent any attacks. To read more on cybersecurity check out our previous blog here.

Predicting the future

As technology progresses, it’s likely we will notice more brick and mortar stores expanding their businesses in line with e-commerce trends and expectations on a global scale. Keeping the trends above in mind and ensuring you keep a personalised approach will result in successful e-commerce expansion.  If you want to remain modern and relatable, the e-commerce industry is certainly a platform to consider.

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