The most important five things you need to know about how to run your e-commerce services, from expert David Wright, Operations Manager at Etail Systems.

The most important five things you need to know about how to run your e-Commerce services, from expert David Wright, Operations Manager at Etail Systems.1. Unique quality copy for users and SEO

Search engines love unique content – not only does it mean that your e-commerce website isn’t just a clone of another, it also means your site (and its content) is one of authority in your industry. The homepage and product pages are the most important pages for unique content, but don’t forget your category pages and information pages, such as how-to use your products, care information, or what to look for when choosing the right product.

  1. Plenty of high-quality banners

Imagery makes a website – if your graphics are low quality, this will set the tone for the rest of your site. The cost of a professional designer creating you a few graphics will far outway the benefits of having good looking, eye-catching images that draw your customers in. This goes for your product images too. People can’t touch your items, so images need to show products from every angle, either in a setting or with a white background.

  1. Video content for site and products

Videos add a whole other dimension to e-commerce. Customers can see how the product works, just like they would if they were to buy it from a shop. You don’t need to be a professional videographer to do product videos – even a 10-second clip filmed on a smartphone of the item from all angles is better than nothing. YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, and it’s owned by Google. Uploading your videos here will definitely help your SEO.

  1. Live chat

You can have an online sales assistant in the form of live chat. There are many options available, costing absolutely nothing to over £120 a month, depending on what you require. Most chat programmes need customers to put their email address in, so if they leave live chat, you have a way of contacting them. Customers can also leave a message if you’re offline and you can answer them when you log back in.

  1. Mobile site

15% of e-commerce transactions happen on mobile devices – if you don’t have a mobile site, you’re missing out on that audience. Mobile sites make browsing easier and simple additions such as the “click to call” telephone numbers can make the shopping on mobile streamlined. Due to the nature of mobile devices now, swipe-able graphics and product images help the browsing experience, with no small buttons to try (and fail) to press.

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