How much does a warehouse cost? Why outsourcing your warehousing right now is a great business decision
Steve Mills
June 14, 2024

As we head into a likely recession, a long period of uncertainty and economic anguish, outsourcing services may seem a preposterous suggestion, yet it is probably much more sensible.

The flexibility of outsourcing your warehousing, the lower overhead cost of not owning large retail space and having to staff it is one of the many benefits. With the unknown being a much larger variable at the minute than normal, having flexible warehouse space is a benefit.

Unless you’re a multi-million-pound company with guaranteed income, then owning or purchasing your own warehouse space may not be the wisest decision right now. Instead, outsourcing with Bray means that you pay per pallet, making it extremely flexible.


There are a lot of health and safety requirements involved with running a warehouse, especially at the moment. Expert training has to be carried out regularly, and in some areas of warehouse operations are mandatory.

Passing the warehousing on to an experienced warehouse management company, means you don’t have to think about policies and daily checks. This is out of your hands so that you can concentrate on other aspects of the business.


Payment options? Bray offers all our customers the ability to choose to pay as you use or have a bespoke contract for the services we provide you.

Pick and Pack: We can offer bespoke packing to fit your requirements and company brand.


Experience unpredicted growth? Because we own a number of warehousing facilities, we can very quickly support your business with this. We did this recently with one of our customers whose business almost doubled in the last few months.

We have your back. We are often the fall back for any business that may be hit with an unexpected situation. For example, one of our customers is a coffee company that had a fire in their on-site warehouse. We were their back-up and so very quickly cleared a space that was suitable for their goods.


We expect the answer to this may have changed for some. But, knowing where you are heading is a good way to find out which warehousing outcome is best for your company. What we do know is that we are happy to have a no-obligation chat with anyone that is considering this option.

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