Focus of the Month: Training at Bray Solutions
Dale Sharpe
June 14, 2024

Training is an integral part of Bray Solutions and starts from the moment a new employee walks through the door – starting with a staff induction.

Immediate Training

The staff induction starts with a booklet going through all of the health and safety practices as well as spending a day in each department to understand how the business operates in all areas. This is to ensure all members of staff are aware of the workload, processes and requirements involved within the business.

Specialised Training

Here at Bray Solutions, our Health and Safety Manager Adam Coles is ITSSAR (Independent training standards scheme and register) qualified which means he can conduct inhouse forklift training for our staff. He is also trained for shipping dangerous goods by air.

  • ITSSAR Training 

Adam underwent a two-week training program a year ago and, in that year, he has trained 7 new staff members and refreshers with a view to train 5 more in the coming months. This is a huge benefit to Bray Solutions as we do not have to outsource our training, making it more flexible and cost effective.

  • Personal Growth

Personal growth is important to us here at Bray Solutions and where the opportunity arises, we outsource our training for our staff to better develop their knowledge which is in turn used to better Bray Solutions. This can be anything from customer service qualifications to health and safety, we ensure all of  our staff are up to date with the most recent training. We currently have two members of staff working their way through training programs both work based and centre based one day a week.

Safety Media

We use an online platform called Safety Media, an online training program with each member of staff working for Bray having their own login details and specified courses to complete. Within this platform, managers can allocate courses specific to their departments and are then in turn able to check and monitor progress and identify if any additional training is needed in a certain area. This also falls under the health and safety umbrella and ensures all our staff have up to date training.

From the moment our staff walk through the door training is of the utmost importance. From a health and safety point of view as well as personal growth, to better themselves and in turn the work they do for Bray Solutions.

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