CASE STUDY – Flexible Solution To Contract Packing
Steve Mills
June 14, 2024

Back in July 2020, we were approached by a company inquiring if our packing facilities were open through the pandemic. As a third-party logistics company, we are classed as essential workers and so have been open, making sure the customer got the products they needed throughout the pandemic.

They needed help packing Christmas packs which is a job for our Contract Packing Department. They had a tight deadline for these to be packed and shipped out to their selling destination. We had the capabilities and were happy to help.


The stock started to come into us from August 2020 with every pack delivered by the end of October 2020. We knew that to get this done we needed to increase our team and accommodate more warehouse space. To get started on this project as soon as possible we increased our production lines from two to six to make sure we hit the deadlines and spread across a further warehouse. To work on these six productions lines, we had to increase our current team of 5 by an additional 14 people, with a team of 19 we had the workforce we needed to get the job done.

During the process, we had unpredicted hold-ups such as delays with goods arriving. To accommodate this, we had multiple production lines in multiple buildings.

Within these six productions lines, we ran three different packing jobs for the customer simultaneously to ensure we hit the deadlines for the customer. The job was complete in the time requested and we had one very happy customer.


In total we handled over 1,153,768 individual units packed, this was across 9 lines totalling 105,448 packs, in 54 working days. This equates to 10 weeks and 4 days, or 106,560 minutes.  This breaks down to just over 1 minute per pack. The packs ranged from 6 components up to 26 components per pack making this a bog job with different components.


When a customer or new enquiry comes to us with a problem or tight deadline, we do our best to accommodate and get the job done. We are willing to do what we can to help and fulfil the job to the standard and within the time frame, our customers require.

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