In part one, we listed just a few of the causes for an abandoned shopping cart online, including unexpected costs, behaviour, and shipping. In part two of this blog, we highlight another three issues that may encourage customers to leave your site empty-handed.

Commitment issues

Customers shop online to avoid the retail rush; they don’t want to queue in a store so what makes you believe they want to queue online? If buying on your site requires signing up beforehand, most will quit the purchase instantly.

Offer the choice of a guest account, to log in with social media networks such as Facebook or Google Plus, or even ask to register for an account after completing the purchase. One great selling feature is to provide exclusive shipping benefits to members. Amazon has a great example of this called Amazon Prime. For a monthly subscription, you get a number of benefits, including guaranteed and unlimited two-day free shipping on all products. The introduction of Amazon Prime saw online spending at Amazon double in less than two years.

Easy editingIn Abandoned Shopping Cart Part 2 we continue to outline the reasons behind why customers abandon their online shopping carts. Click to read more.

Customers want an easy, stress-free checkout process and the freedom to change their mind at any stage. If they need to edit their shopping cart for any reason, make sure it’s straightforward for them to do so.

Multi-page checkouts seem more effective than a single page. As long as they have a well-organised progress bar that the customer can follow. Including how many pages there are and what page they are on in the process.

Secure and Safe

Even in this day and age, some people still worry when entering their credit details on to an unfamiliar website. Placing a security badge on your site will increase sales because customers will know it’s a reliable, trusted service. Using third party payment services such as PayPal (a secure way to buy), will provide additional confidence to those who are apprehensive to give out their details. As well as ensure the customers who haven’t got their payment details to hand will still check out!

If you take these points into consideration, you’re guaranteed to limit those abandoned shopping carts and have a successful shopping process that everyone can follow with ease. Bray Solutions can help prevent abandoned shopping carts, whilst promising a robust fulfilment and customer service process. To find out more, call us on 01780 784875 or email us at