2017 Online Shopping Statistics

As technology advances year on year, 2017 online shopping statistics are no less fascinating than the results of 2016.

Global online retail sales are growing and are estimated to reach 8.8% of total spending in 2018 compared to 7.4% in 2016. (*Invesp) 77% of UK adults bought goods or services online in the last 12 months, unchanged from 2016 but up 24% on 2008. (*Ons)

Clothes and sporting products were the most popular online purchase in 2017, bought by 56% of adults. (*Ons)

The use of mobile or smartphones to access the internet “on the go” has also increased, from 70% in 2016 to 73% in 2017. (*FashionUnited)

The most significant rise in adults buying online was in those aged 55-64 years, with an increase of 30% since 2008, to 75% in 2017. (*RetailGazette)

Meanwhile, the age group with the smallest rise in online shopping was those aged 25-34 years, with a growth of 17%, to 89% in 2017. (*RetailGazette)

According to a VoucherBin study, 81% of consumers have used a voucher code to make an online purchase in the past 12 months. (*Nasdaq)

86% of UK digital shoppers have made a purchase via smartphone  (*)

UK shoppers spent £1bn a week online in March 2017, 19.5% more than they did in the same month in 2016. (*InternetRetailing)

Approximately 87% of U.K. consumers have bought at least one product online in the last 12 months. (*GuruFocus)

Online shopping is only going to progress in 2018. In 2017, 93% of adults who had bought online in the last 12 months, had done so from online sellers in the UK, while 31% had bought from sellers in other EU countries and 31 percent had bought from the rest of the world. Proving that UK businesses have the opportunity to sell their products online to a willing audience. The future is m-commerce – mobile commerce. (*Ons)

Shocked by our 2017 Online Shopping Statistics? Possibly not.

We weren’t surprised that mobile commerce is on the rise. This has put an increasing demand on internet retailers providing a streamlined shopping experience.



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