Shopping online has progressed massively in 2015, resulting in some astounding online shopping statistics.

In the UK Online shopping, statistics have risen by between 11% and 16% annually, compared to total retail sales growth of between -2.4% to +2.4% in 2015 Online Shopping Statistics from Bray Solutions Ltd.the same period. *1

  • 76% of British adults access the internet every day, growing by 21 million in the past ten years. *2
  • Statistics are progressively increasing each year, with online shopping retail sales predicted to increase to around $370 billion by 2017, up from $231 billion in 2012. *3
  • Amazon was the most popular worldwide retailer in 2015 with electronics, fashion and appliances being the most popular items ordered. *4
  • In 2015 16.5% of all online purchases were through mobile devices with a prediction that this rise to over 25% in 2016. *5
  • 71.4% of people will still use a PC to order, not only because they have a preference to shop in person, but the concerns of payment security and privacy invasion. *6


The future of e-commerce is mobile. Retailers could improve their business ensuring they have a responsive website, optimised, and updated regularly.

The purchase of tablets has risen throughout 2015, so do not forget them! 44% of e-commerce businesses do not have a tablet-optimised website, despite the 12.1% of people who will use a tablet to order online. *7

Resisting change is going to result in the business falling behind. Keep these online shopping statistics in mind when making important changes to your business this year.

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