Bray's reaction to the 'State of Mobile eCommerce Report' over on our blog today.

The Q2 2015 State of Mobile eCommerce Report highlights that 34% of ALL eCommerce global transactions are carried out on a mobile device.

During a recent poll, the UK ranks 2nd in the world to Japan with 46% of eCommerce transactions made on a hand-held mobile device. The UK surpassed South Korea, and of the top three, the UK is the only country to maintain consistent growth of mobile share since Q1 2015.

It was also stated that 40% of the global eCommerce transactions include more than one device, and that the UK is the only market whereby tablets are more popular than mobile or smart phones.

These results were calculated by analysing 4.4bn eCommerce transactions across the globe.

Dale Sharpe, head of sales and marketing says: “It’s not surprising to see these stats when, allegedly, more people globally own a smartphone than they do a toothbrush. Although I’m not suggesting that’s the case in the UK, we have now, however, moved up to number two in the global rankings for eCommerce.”

With so much mobile activity in the UK, customers are used to making purchases at the touch of a phone screen. Your business never sleeps, and thanks to our 3PL services, you can have a fully operational distribution team to accept orders and send out products on your behalf.

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